ScanAttendee Features

CheckIn/Out @ Events, Theaters, Night Clubs

Sell Tickets and Items

  • Instantly add tickets and start selling them at your event.
  • Capture seating information.
  • Add ticket Images.
  • Add taxes.
  • Low fee of $0.50 per ticket or item.
  • Paid, free and donation tickets.
  • Print and email receipts.

Accept/Refund Payments

Accept payments for your tickets and items from multiple options.

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Free
  • Easily accept payments using Stripe Account.
  • Scan credit card to speedup payments.
  • Enter credit cards manually.
  • Refund payments.

Import/Export Attendees

  • Import attendees from Dropbox through CSV file.
  • Add attendees manually.
  • Export attendees.

Dashboard & Reports

  • Dashboard to quickly view your check-ins.
  • Order reports for the items and tickets sold.
  • Export your data.

Scan QR Code

  • Using external Socket Mobile scanner.
  • On receipts.
  • On badges.
  • On tickets.


  • Print badges.
  • Custom badges.
  • Multiple badge templates.
  • Badges with session info.
  • Badges with multiple tickets.

Brother printer and Socket Scanner

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